"A home that's filled with love can prevent you and your family from the snare of drug abuse"

"Ambil Kisah. Ambil Tindakan."

Wecareweserve.org website is part of our ongoing efforts to provide the knowledge and awareness about the dangers of drugs to parents and teens. We also provide tips and guidance for early prevention of drug problems among family, friends and loved ones.

We provide treatment and rehabilitation services to all walks of society who have a drug problem. It is free, voluntary, not involving legislation, without preconditions and your information will be kept confidential. You can visit the clinic Cure and Care 1Malaysia Cure and Care Service Centres across the country if you have a drug problem.

The transformation of the treatment and recovery services has been recognised by international organizations and also positive feedback from the clients and their family members.

We believe that with our open approach continued support from family and loved ones, we can help drug addicts to recover from their addiction.