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Sensitivity Through Career

We provide work training and career development that can help you or your loved ones start a new life.

One of the factors that can cause relapse among recovering addicts is the lack of a steady job that helps them carry on with their lives. Now you don’t have to worry anymore.  We provide a lot of training and career development opportunities that you can join.



  • Training location : Cure&Care Vocational Center, Sepang Selangor
  • Certification : Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia Tahap 1 (Sistem Latihan Dual Nasional)
  • Duration of training : 6 months (Long term)

The types of training provided by us include :

Course Content

  • Occupational safety and health training
  • Basic electrical knowledge
  • Drawing for single phase surface wiring
  • Single phase surface wiring
  • Hidden single phase surface wiring
  • Single phase industrial wiring
  • Testing single phase surface wiring
  • Single phase domestic wiring
  • Electrical maintenance
  • Direct current machine

Course Content

•    Handling sewing apparatus
•    Handling sewing materials
•    Fashion sketching
•    Sewing technique
•    Repairing and altering clothes
•    Embroidery
•    Pattern grading

Course Content

•    Workshop safety
•    Personal and fire safety
•    Welding equipment
•    Technical drawing
•    Welding materials
•    Introduction to SMAW
•    Cutting process
•    SMAW plate / pipe 2F – 1G welding
•    Quality control

Course Content

•    Handling cooking apparatus
•    Egg-based cooking
•    Cooking vegetables
•    Appetizer
•    Cooking local soup
•    Cooking chicken
•    Porridge
•    Local cuisine
•    Local fried dishes
•    Dessert
– making juice
•    Preparation of buffet

Course Content

•    Self hygiene and salon care
•    Hygiene, bacteriology and sterilisation
•    Analysis, treatment and care of facial skin
•    Manual treatment
•    Machine treatment
•    Nailcare/ manicure
•    Makeup technique (basic and professional)
•    Eyelash treatment
•    Handling clients, counter service and salon management
•    Ethics and personal appearance
•    Public relations

Course Content

•    Workshop safety practices
•    Vehicle maintenance
•    Engine repair
•    Fuel system servicing
•    Vehicle electrical system repair
•    Vehicle transmission system repair
•    Vehicle brake system repair
•    Vehicle steering system repair
•    Vehicle suspension system repair
•    Vehicle air conditioning system repair

Course Content

•    Safety practices – Usage and maintenance of hand tools and machines
•    Usage of testing and measuring apparatus
•    Reading technical drawing
•    Fabricating and connecting tube system
•    Fabricating and connecting metal works
•    Installing components in refrigeration and air conditioning systems
•    Installing and testing a refrigerator
•    Installing and testing air conditioner
•    Routine maintenance of refrigeration and air conditioning systems
•    Servicing electrical and electronic systems
•    Testing and repair of refrigeration components
•    Testing and repair of air conditioning components

Course Content

•    Work area preparation activity
•    Managing handling of materials
•    Pre-planting activities
•    Planting activities
•    Landscape maintenance activity (soft)
•    Carrying out landscape building activity
•    Landscape maintenance activity (hard)
•    Waste management activity
•    Carrying out monitoring activities

Career Prospect


Career hubs offering job opportunities for AADK clients.

  • (V-Manager)


  • Group programme
  • Location: Selected CCSC and 1Malaysia C&C Clinic
  • Dengan kerjasama Jobs Malaysia


  • Gain income + industry placement training
  • Fabric industry – CCVC Sepang
  • Furniture industry – C&C Tampin Clinic

National Blue Ocean Strategy

  • Gain income + industry placement training
  • Agricultural sector project.

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