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Caring Community House



Caring Community House (CCH) is a place that operates as an activity centre run by the local communities through a committee called the CCH Committee.

They function as the managers and facilitators of community programmes that involve local leaders, NGOs and other local groups.

CCH programmes that could be carried out by local communities include prevention and continuing rehabilitation activities like help/social support groups as well as motivation, spiritual, community sports and recreation, gotong royong and also reintegration programmes.

CCH also functions as a spur to encourage a wave of community volunteerism in efforts to assist the government in aspects like treatment and rehabilitation as well as drug prevention and prevention of relapse. (1Malaysia Squad)

If you happen to be someone who is inclined, sensitive towards and have expertise in helping your community handle drug addiction problems, you are invited to join and help make a success of the CCH activities.

1Malaysia Squad



1Malaysia Squad (Anti Drug Volunteers) was formed in 2011 in line with one of the 7 main commitments of the Home Ministry – Starting a wave of volunteerism.

1Malaysia Squad brings together all the AADK volunteers under one umbrella. All these volunteer bodies now will act as one team.

The role of 1Malaysia Squad is:

  • To raise societal awareness on the dangers of drug abuse.
  • To lend aid and support to those who are involved with drug addiction.
  • To be a conduit of information and promoter of AADK’s services.
  • Those interested in joining the 1Malaysia Squad can visit for more information

Register as a 1Malaysia Squad here.