Support Network


Importance of Support Network

One factor that could help your or your loved ones in recovery from drug addiction is building or joining a support group. This is because a support group can give valuable support and honest feedback about you. A good support network always guides and helps you and your loved ones when problems arise.

Among the groups you can turn to for help is the Jawatankuasa Pemulihan Dadah (JKPD) and Persatuan Pembimbing Rakan Sebaya (PPRS). JKPD is populated by both government and non-governement organizations (NGO). Among its main objectives is community involvement in helping the clients so that they do not relapse into the habit, integrating them back into the community, planning, coordinating and implementing programmes/activities for clients.

PRS on the other hand was formed to enable former addicts to come together as a group and be actively involved in helping their fellow former addicts remain drug-free.